Friday, 1 November 2013

immortal no more.

it was during the last hari raya aidil adha when the flu struck.

"ummi, lets go for a doctor. the flu doesnt seems to regress any better. its forth day already."

"the immunity of yours can fight the flu away. they can easily fends off flu. but with time. so no need doctor." she said.

"like a booster rite. how bout medication? no need?" i asked.
"yes. just drink a lot of water." she added.

i said okay, and alhamdulillah the flu just got away on the next day.
how miraculous is my mother. haha

i rarely longing for medication whenever i got sick. except if its very severe and unbearable.
but now, absence from lectures and clinical round mean demerit,
so yesterday i surrendered toward a week of light head-ache, runny nose and sore throat.
*white flag raised
i went to the pharmacy and took a comtrex and vitacid C forcefully

sorry Ummi. my immune system ran an amok. blergghhh!

a bunny a day keeps the doctor away.