Wednesday, 27 February 2013

being an asian.

we have a lecture today, about angle-closure glaucoma.
a very interesting topic as the professor, Doctor Saied Shalaby started the slide presentation with a short verse in holy quran and stressed on how we are not greatful enuf for being a muslim.
we are indeed a muslim but sometimes we dont act like one.
sighed that i cant remember the exact verse. =.=

being a medical student in mid-east, i think all of us are lucky for having a free-everyday reminder about islam in between the hectic lectures.
its like pergi kuliah agama. eheh

at the point that the doctor said,

"south east asia people tends to get angle-closure glaucoma because they are dwarf."

what? dwarf?! 
i think i heard you wrong professor!
the whole class are froze by the dwarf word. haha

but then he repeated, "yes, asians are dwarf. dont you agree?"

"you, *fingers pointed at us* asians are quite short compared to the other races. short body comes with short axial length of the globe, and of course short-small eyes will give you shallow anterior chamber and small vitreous humour."

yes we are but not to that extend la.
dwarf?! aaaargghhh haku takleh terima ini.

teringat ada dialog dalam cerita A Little Thing Called Love,
ulang banyak kali scene ni sebab kelakar gila. :D

i just cant accept that!