Wednesday, 24 June 2015

cermin pecah.

Last week i left my beloved watch at the mosque. When i noticed i lost it, immediately i ran back, but unfortunately it was closed.
The day after that i went to take it back, but the mosque keeper said she took my watch home because she afraid others would steal it. So i said okay, i’ll come back tomorrow. It was originally my fault because i didnt double check my stuff before leaving the mosque.

Summer and ramadhan. How exhausting it could be for me to go back and forth just to take my watch.
So the next day i went to the mosque, the moment i ask about it, halfly angry she said “why you came so late? I already took it home. Why you didnt tell me first you wanna come at this time?” I was like 😭. Why arabs whyyy. I walked soo jauh like this soo panas out there and you said like that? I was so sad and dissapointed but i couldnt express it to her. I just nodded my head and promised to her i will come again tomorrow at dhuhr. I was so exhausted. I cant hold my tears as i walked down the stairs. It just rolled down fast. Sampai kena lap dengan tisu nasib baik tak basah tudung ni. Ish bikin malu saja. I was like “ahh beli baru je lah. Apa susah. Tak payah nak jumpa mak cik tu lagi dah. ”
“Tapi sayang..” Jawab hati perlahan.

Okay. Yesterday i took it from her. At last. But know what? The glass on my watch is BROKEN. Arghhhh. Useless.
I calmed myself down ‘asha, you’re fasting now so please dont get angry’. So i smiled and said my thank you to her.

My watch is broken so my heart.


nuratieqah said...

Ashaaa! Nk atieq blanje jam power rangerssss x.. ngeee, dun be sad, tp atieq pinggan oecah, ayyo

Salsabila said...

hahah! atieqqqq!
eh takpe jeee no hal as jarum jam still gerak lagi. lol

alamak pinggan pecah pulak hmm cemana ni semua pecah ni. XD